Welcome to the Californiana Blog


Welcome to the Californiana blog!

The Californiana newsletter has transitioned from a quarterly publication to a blog. This is for two reasons:

First, it’s part of our larger effort to expand our communications through social media and other platforms. The way people consume information has continued to evolve since the days when we stuffed a multi-page newsletter into an envelope and had it hand-delivered to your mailbox.  This new blog format is more flexible, immediate, and accessible.

Second, the Center’s activities have expanded far beyond what can be condensed into a quarterly newsletter. As evidence, here is a snapshot of some of the upcoming events and news items at the Center:

  • April 12th, 2018 Visiting Scholar Presentation, Sacramento State

I hope you’ll continue to engage with us in the various ways that the Center for California Studies works to strengthen California’s democracy. Please subscribe to this blog to keep up to date in 2018. And, as always, we’re happy to get your feedback and suggestions at calstudies@csus.edu.