The Center for California Studies has just released a new report, “The History, Development, and Policy Influence of the California Latino Legislative Caucus.” The report was written by three members of the political science faculty at California State University Northridge: Dr. Lawrence C. Becker, Dr. Tyler Hughes, and Dr. Jason L. Morin. The research was conducted as part of the Center’s Faculty Research Fellows Program (FRFP). The program is designed to leverage the expertise of the CSU system to assist state policymakers on critical policy questions with objective research and data. The FRFP solicits policy research questions of interest to decision makers within state government, and identifies faculty within the 23-campus California State University system to conduct research on those policy questions. The Center funds the research with short-term grants.

This latest FEFP report examines the growth and influence of the California Latino Legislative Caucus.

The California Latino Legislative Caucus (CLLC) was established in 1973 to advance the policy interests of both Latinos and the general population in California. As one of the largest legislative caucuses in the Legislature, the CLLC wields a great deal of influence over legislative committees, leadership positions, and policy outcomes.
The CLLC expanded its own institutional capacity as its processes and structures
became more formalized.

Based on interviews with current and former Caucus members and staff
as well as various other sources of data, this report examines the history, growth,
development, and policy influence of the Caucus. Part I of the report provides a
historical overview of the development of the CLLC. Part II explores various aspects
of the growth and institutionalization of the Caucus including the development of key sub-networks, sources of Caucus unity, the routinization of Caucus procedures, and the role of leadership within the Caucus. Part III outlines the Caucus’s policy agenda, roll call voting patterns, and influence on the policy making process.  Finally, the report concludes with a summary of findings and a brief discussion of the Caucus’s role in the future.

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